Collection: Designer Folding Chatai Mat

Get your hands on the most elegant Chatai Floor Mats (Indian Chatai Mat or Madur Mat of West Bengal, India). These elegant designer mats are created for you with love by MONTISA.
Made of Madurkathi grass and designed with vibrant colors that will attract your compliments.

These Indian traditional Chatai floor mat are that you can't afford to miss out on!

 These are soft and comfortable to sit on. Have it as an accessory in your living room or carry it along with you, whenever you need to sit and relax in a park, on a beach, patio, or terrace.
These mats are used for sitting or sleeping on the floor during summer in India.
This beautiful, exotic Chatai Floor mats are foldable and hence, are easy to carry from one place to another. Madurkathi or Madur is an integral part of our social life in rural India. It has multipurpose usages like sleeping, sitting, yoga practice, meditation, relaxing, or simply resting on the floor, etc.