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Korai Pai Natural Multipurpose Chatai Floor Mat

Korai Pai Natural Multipurpose Chatai Floor Mat

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Korai Pai Chatai Mat, also known as Pattamadai Mat, is a traditional handwoven mat crafted from a special type of grass called "korai" (Cyperus malaccensis) found in the region of Pattamadai, Tamil Nadu, India. These mats hold cultural significance and are highly valued for their intricate craftsmanship, durability, and natural aesthetics.

The mats come in various sizes and designs : 

Sizes Available - 1) Width - 2 Feet, Length - 5.8 Feet,

                           2)  Width - 3 Feet, Length - 5.8 Feet.

                           3) Width - 4 Feet, Length - 5.8 Feet.

The edges are often finished with decorative borders that add to the mat's visual appeal.

Korai Pai Chatai Mats offer a variety of practical uses. They are commonly used as traditional floor coverings, providing insulation and comfort, especially in households where sitting on the floor is a cultural practice. Additionally, these mats can be used as sleeping surfaces during hot weather due to their cooling properties.

The cultural significance of these mats extends beyond their functional use. They are often used during religious ceremonies, cultural events, and festivals. Their presence in traditional settings adds an authentic and rustic touch to the ambiance.

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