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MONTISA Premium Chatai Mat for Home made of Madurkathi grass, Handwoven, Eco-friendly Floor mat -T2 PRM

MONTISA Premium Chatai Mat for Home made of Madurkathi grass, Handwoven, Eco-friendly Floor mat -T2 PRM

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Introducing our eco-friendly and versatile Premium Madurkathi Chatai mat, meticulously crafted from the finest Madurkathi grass, offering a touch of nature's charm to your living space. This unique mat is thoughtfully designed to provide comfort, style, and sustainability, while effortlessly blending with your home decor.

  • HANDCRAFTED BY LOCAL ARTISANS of West Bengal with intricate designs using colorful threads.

  • PACKAGE CONTAINS - The pack contains one single mat

  • SIZE – There is a wide range of sizes available as per width is concerned,  from 32 inches to 60 inches: The length will be 70 inches on every occasion.

  • MATERIAL -  This product is made of Madurkathi/ River grass straw. This type of sedge ( of the Cyperaceae family) especially grows in some parts of West Bengal, India. 

  • HEAT RESISTANT - These mats are naturally heat resistant. So when you sit on the floor it protects you from the adverse floor temperature, hot or cold, depending on the season.



      • Sleeping on it
      • Sitting on the floor for Studying
      • Sitting on the floor for Eating
      • Sitting on the floor for performing Puja
      • Sitting on the floor for Meditation
      • Sitting on the floor for Prayer
      • Sitting on the floor for any other purpose 
      • Sitting on it outdoor,  like picnic, in the park, patio, terrace, etc.




    • Handwoven by rural artisans, mostly women, which helps them become economically self-dependant
    • Non-toxic
    • Elegant natural look
    • Natural grass smell

    • ELEGANT ECO-FRIENDLY - These handwoven beautifully designed Chatai Floor mats are made of natural madurkathi grass. Its natural grass fragrance brings your mind closer to nature. This helps you to concentrate while meditating or performing pujas or sleeping.

    • PERFECT HOME DECOR - Add a touch of modernity with traditional decor to your room. These floor mats will provide a stylish accent to enhance the look of your room. The beautiful color tones of these mats will be perfect for almost any room setting.

    • CARE TIPS - Do not machine wash, brush off, or clean with a wet cloth. Occasionally keep in direct sunlight for about an hour for longer durability.
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