Collection: Madurkathi Grass Designer Pooja Mat

MONTISA Pooja mats are the perfect choice for daily puja rituals if you are looking for natural holy feelings for your Pooja aasan. Our Pooja aasanas are made from Madurkathi grass, a close species of Kusha grass or Dhraba grass.

In the making of these puja mats, we use jute threads. There is no chemical has been used in the making of these sitting mats. The materials we use are 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable.

Madurkathi Pooja mats are more premium than that korai pai Pooja mats. Our mats are sturdy and durable. Our mats are the perfect gesture for our cottage industry. Almost all artisans are women. By using the traditional ancient bamboo-made handloom, they use to weave these mats. As these mats are handmade they are more comfortable to use for your rituals performs.

These kusha grass madurkathi Pooja mats are perfect for Pooja rooms for sitting on the floor. These types of Pooja aasana have been used for a long in our society for any kind of rituals in our home, like puja, Havana, Arti, Marriage, and other ceremonies.

These floor mats are the best alternative to any kind of plastic mats as they are easily biodegradable. It will be best for mother earth if we use as much less plastic as we can. The material we use, Madurkathi and jute are natural eco-friendly fibers.

Our mats are well made and last very long. No special care for its maintenance is required. Do not machine wash. Just brush them off and keep them in direct sunlight for a while to keep the mats in perfect condition.